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CoorItalia Stoneworks Design Blog

Wednesday, Mar 27, 2013 Dino Vannoni
CoorItalia and Stone From inside the mountains near Vicenza, home of Andrea Palladio,  Italians have been mining stone for centuries. One of CoorItalia's stone fabricators not only manufactures stone but also has owned the license to quarry since the mid 1800's. From generation to generation this family has handed down tradition and experience. The famous Giallo Dorato or Bianco Avorio are known for their beauty and versatility.  The stones are mined underground. ...Read More
Wednesday, Aug 8, 2012 Alex Norton
San Francisco Interior Designing firm Nicole Hollis came to us with their inspiration image for the production of a contemporary stone carved sink. The selected material was Tuscan Silver Travertine. We rely a lot on the expertise of our masons in Italy. With hundreds of years of experience, passed down from older generations, they need not just judge a stone by what they can see but they also must understand what is going on inside the block, how the veins move, if there are any...Read More
Thursday, Apr 12, 2012 Alex Norton
This was a highly complex project - the Architectural firm BAR had designed an elliptical cantilevered staircase in wired brushed Portuguese limestone called Alhambra. CoorItalia worked with the architects and General Contractor in the USA first, to come up with the templates for each one of the stairs - treads and risers, and with the laboratory in Italy to come up with the Shop Drawings. These steps were then manufactured in near Carrara, in Italy, assembled in mockups, disassembled and...Read More