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How do you make a sink? How a Custom Sink is born


Silver Travertine Custom Sink

San Francisco Interior Designing firm Nicole Hollis came to us with their inspiration image for the production of a contemporary stone carved sink.

The selected material was Tuscan Silver Travertine.

We rely a lot on the expertise of our masons in Italy. With hundreds of years of experience, passed down from older generations, they need not just judge a stone by what they can see but they also must understand what is going on inside the block, how the veins move, if there are any weak spots.

With a circular sink, and the choice of a travertine that is rich in texture, you ideally want to emphasize the stone characteristics, so the objective was to see if we could find a vein that would circle the drain hole. And this is where we look at our masons to choose not just the right block but where and what direction to cut.

Silver Travertine Block


Once the choice is made and the routing machines are set you can only wait as the CNC machines go about their precise and meticulous work


Carving a custom travertine sink

Cutting stone is all about patience and dust. Water is used to keep the router bits from overheating but also to lubricate and keep the stone dust to a minimum. Two sinks were cut, in case one does not have the vein patters we were looking for, or in case cracks or other structural iperfections were to be found.

Once the raw sink is "roughed out" the measurements are checked against the shop drawings. Custom designs require not just overall designs to be precise but also smaller details alike the radius of the curve of the lip. To make sure we had all aspects covered we shipped out the drain hardware to Italy to make sure we had an exact fit.

Once the dimensions are checked the masons will begin the slow work of finishing the sink, This is done strictly by hand with a variety of tools, some electrical but, depending on the job some are still free hand. The finishing can take a person a couple of days to get right.


Finishing a custom travertine sink

The final product is exactly what we hoped for - with not just one but two gorgeous veins circling the sink, one at the rim and one near the drain. Silver Travertine is quarried in Tuscany and, despite it's name is not primarily silver. It has wonderful warm beiges throughout with the strong silver/grey veins that give the stone its name.


Silver Travertine Custom Sink



And now, courtesy of Nicole Hollis, we have a couple of photos of the final install!


Silver Travertine Sink


Silver Travertine Sink 2

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